The Story (So Far)

James and Katie have known each other since 2009.


In 2013 James and Katie formed Devereux and Huskie Glassworks Ltd, specialising in work for and with designers and artists to help create their ideas. 


The company started trading on 1st September 2013, with an unfortunate accident happening on 3rd September where James accidentally burnt himself with Katie crouching on floor behind. This was a very difficult time with the chance of the studio closing before it had even made any glass. With the unbelievable help of Steve Williams, James and Katie could continue making the orders they had and keep the studio going until James arm had healed.


In November 2013 they were approached to facilitate a TV filming based around glass blowing and this was a great opportunity to use the studio in a different way and see the behind the scenes filming of Monty Don’s Real Craft.


James and Katie teamed up with The Glass Hub in May 2014 to host a weekend demonstration of world renowned Martin Janecky and his assistant Marek Effmark. This weekend was a great experience for both James and Katie personally as well as an opportunity to host an event with glass makers from all the country attending. 


In June 2014 they were approached by James Maskrey to work on a large scale instillation project that was going to be help at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland in the October, it was an instillation of 1000 glass components which would be suspended from the ceiling, designed by the incredibly talented ceramic artists Magdelene Odundo. The brief was for Devereux and Huskie Glassworks to produce 600 of these. A huge undertaking with just over 2 miles of cane needing to be pulled in order to create the filligrana pattern. They were able to run this project simultaneously along side a second exhibition they were involved in. This project took 3 months but was an extremely rewarding when they got to see the full piece installed in the October.


2015 started out quite quickly, having acquired 2 large lehrs at the end of 2014 we thought that we would have 1 wired in and then think about the second one at some point through the year......this was not the case as a project arose needing the large lehrs in for first week of Jan, mission accomplished and we then worked January with 2 of our friends creating work for a special man 'Mr James Bond' this project was awesome to work on and those 2 lehrs haven't been out of use since. 


At the end of March 2015 we turned the studio off for some maintenance and at the same time Huskie booked on to do a 5 day masterclass with Scott Chaseling at The Glass Hub, Wingfield, she definitely timed it well leaving James to the maintenance himself.


The British Glass Biennale was held at the end of May and this was a great opportunity for Devereux to team up with master glass blower Neil Wilkins to teach a 4 day masterclass at the event. They also all got to attend the opening of the show and catch up with old and new friends. 


In October 2015 Devereux and Huskie decided to take a well earned break and go over the Novy Bor, Czech Republic to attend the International Glass Symposium and see how the Czech make glass, this was an amazing few days spent watching some amazing glass be made and to see that drinking beer by 8am can be a bonus! However that isn't something they have decided to bring back with them, much to Huskie's disappointment. It was also in the October that they got their newest member of the team and Emma Baker started working with them, they had met previously on the Magdalene Odundo project in 2014 as Baker had assisted James Maskrey with his part of the project. 


2016 started off quieter than the previous years to which Devereux and Huskie were in agreement that was nice and steady, famous last words, it went extremely busy but this was in part to them announcing that in May 2016 they were putting on an exhibition with Angel at Vessel Gallery, London. This was to start as part of London Craft Week and run for 6 weeks. It was an amazing opportunity for themselves and people they work for/with to showcase their design and skill.